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Which Is The Best Kayak Roof Rack? Reviews And Buying Guide 2022

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Published November 12, 2021 | Updated April 10, 2022

We can’t all afford the luxury, opportunity, or chance to live close to a river, lake, sea or even ocean, which means to exercise our love for kayaking, we’ll have to carry our babies all the way to our desired destination. The hulk (in a not very angry mood) could have been of great help here but we got cars and what’s even better, we have roof racks. Kayak roof racks are mounted on top of cars, and allow you to transport your watercraft in all security and safety. Transporting a kayak otherwise would be cumbersome and time-consuming. However, as with almost everything in the world, multiple manufacturers of the same product implies competition, and competition implies a difference in quality, preference, selection. So, we take a closer look at some of the more recommended roof racks in the market.

Which Is The Best Kayak Roof Rack? Reviews And Buying Guide 2022


One of the bestsellers in the roof rack category, the ECOTRIC J-bar is a J-style carrier, which makes it a great fit for most kayak models and builds, making for tidy and spacious transportation of your kayak. The J-BAR comes in sets of two, and can take up to two kayaks comfortably. Made with a heavy duty steel frame, the J-BAR can hold up to 165 pounds and kayaks that are up to 36 inches wide. The wide mouth design ensures that both kayak and the J-BAR can be conveniently and quickly mounted or dismounted. The rubber body ensures easy handling, avoids denting the kayak and improves the rust resistance of the rack.


The CARGOLOC 2-piece is as safe as it gets for crossbar racks and it’s 52 inch frame is just perfect for hauling 150 pounds of kayak material. Set across the roof rails of your car, the CARGOLOC 2-piece is fitted with a heavy duty clamping mechanism, which makes it near unmovable unless you decide to. It’s aluminium core makes weight a light issue while remaining uncompromising in strength. For less than $60, your kayak and equipment can hit the road with you in all safety and security.


This may be a multipurpose rack, but a kayak was definitely on the mind of the manufacturers. The IKURAM R carrier rack will meet your kayak, ski, and surf needs but we are sticking to the kayak part. A J-styled carrier, the IKURAM R can mount on multiple vehicle types including SUVs and trucks. With a quick raise and fold design, the IKURAM R carrier can comfortably extend to accommodate multiple kayaks and equipment. A mixture of foam and rubber make up the saddle, providing extra padding and support for the equipment. The IKURAM R can take kayaks of up to 42 inches wide and has multiple carrying functions. The perfect all-round carrier for your kayak and more.

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