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Nigel Dennis Explorer

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Published October 2, 2022

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Nigel Dennis Explorer Review: Summary

Nigel Dennis Explorer Kayak

Nigel Dennis Explorer kayak review

The Nigel Dennis Explorer is a great intermediate or advanced paddler kayak. It has quite a bit of storage space, and you can easily store your camping gear. The kayak is designed to be fairly stable, which makes it very easy to use even if you have never been on one before.

It has many features that can make your kayaking experience much more enjoyable.

Following is the detailed specification of Nigel Dennis Explorer Kayak in case you don’t know anything about it.


Size: 17′ 4″ x 21.9″ x

Material: Fiberglass and Plastic

Seating Capacity: Solo

Weight Capacity: 690 lbs

Weight: 56 lbs

How is the Performance of Nigel Dennis Explorer?

So now I’m going to share my experiences with this kayak so that you can get to know how Nigel Dennis Explorer performs in different water conditions. I’ve used this kayak in lakes, rivers, and oceans.

I first noticed that it’s very easy to maneuver, even if you’re only a beginner. It has lots of features like the foot peg system for better control over your kayak and paddle holders, making it easy for you to store your paddles when not in use.

Let’s discuss everything about this amazing kayak.

How's the Size?

This is one of the most important features you should consider before buying a kayak. Nigel Dennis Explorer is a very spacious kayak compared to other whitewater kayaks and measures 17′ 4″ long, 21.9″ wide, and almost 16″ high. This means it’s perfect for people with tall frame sizes and those just beginning to learn how to paddle.

It has many storage options so you can easily keep your belongings safe while on the water. There are 3 storage compartments where you can keep your belongings safe from the water and the environment.

Besides, other open storage options are given on the above side of the boat that you can use to store your gear.

Material and Build Quality:

The kayak is made of durable and lightweight fiberglass, making it easy to store away. It features an aluminum frame with a nylon cover which provides protection against water damage, making it perfect for beginners.

Other materials are also used in this kayak, such as plastic and nylon, which are also very flexible, so you can easily maneuver through even the tightest corners.

This makes it a great boat for beginners still learning to control their kayak and maneuver through tricky waters.

Besides, it also comes with a standard quality paddle which is large enough to provide you with the strength and power to move through even the roughest waters. This makes it a great boat for beginners still learning to control their kayak and maneuver through tricky waters.


The stability of this kayak is also very good. It has a flat bottom, makes it stable, and prevents you from tipping over even when you paddle with all your strength. This makes it a great boat for beginners still learning to control their kayak and maneuver through tricky waters.

Besides, the overall width of this kayak is also very good. This makes it easy to paddle and control even in rough waters. It also reduces the risk of tipping over, which is something that can happen if you are using a kayak that is too narrow or has a rounded bottom.

So the overall stability of this kayak is above average, and in my personal experience, I have never tipped over while using this kayak. Another thing I like about this model is that it comes with a drain plug. This makes it easy to empty any water inside your kayak when you paddle in choppy waters or during high tide when the water level rises.

This makes it even more stable and helps reduce the risk of tipping over.


What I like most about this kayak is how easy it is to control. It has a small turning radius, which makes it easy to maneuver through the water. This makes it perfect for beginners who are just starting kayaking and want something that can help them improve their skills quickly.

The handling of this kayak is smooth because of its narrow & sharp hull and its lightweight and compact design. This makes it easier to paddle around and maneuver in tight spaces. It also has a flat bottom, making it more stable when on the water.


I feel very safe when I’m on the water in this kayak. It has a high degree of stability, which means it’s not likely to tip over even if you are a beginner or don’t know how to kayak yet.

However, there is no extra safety feature like an anchor or a seat belt. This is something you’ll have to get separately if you want it.

But I think you can’t go wrong with this kayak. It’s safe and stable, even for beginners just learning to navigate the waters.


This is a fast kayak. It’s designed for speed, and you can take advantage of that when you’re on the water. It has an open hull design which helps it move through the water quickly without much effort on your part.

However, if you’re looking for something that will allow you to go as slowly as possible while staying afloat, this isn’t the kayak for you; it will let you go fast if you want it to. The kayak is also very responsive, so if you’re paddling and want to make a quick turn, then it will respond quickly.

So, it’s a perfect kayak for people who like to go fast on the water. The kayak also has great maneuverability, so you can easily make turns and change directions while paddling it.


The kayak is very comfortable to sit in, even if you’re on the water for several hours. The seat has enough padding to keep your feet from getting sore after long periods of paddling, and there are also footrests on the bottom of the kayak so that your legs don’t get tired while using them.

So, if you’re looking for a comfortable kayak that won’t make your feet or legs sore after long periods of paddling, then this is probably the best choice.

So this is my review of Nigel Dennis Explorer Kayak. After reading it, you must be thinking about whether this kayak is the right choice for you or not. Well, if you’re looking for good quality and affordable kayak, I recommend it to anyone.

Is it Worth Buying Nigel Dennis Explorer in 2022?

When it comes to the price and quality of this kayak, I would say that it’s definitely worth buying. The price is affordable, and the quality is really good too. So if you’re looking for a new kayak that won’t make your wallet hurt, then I would recommend Nigel Dennis Explorer Kayak to you.

Who Should Buy Nigel Dennis Explorer?

As mentioned above, Nigel Dennis Explorer is a whitewater kayak, so anyone looking for a kayak that can be used on whitewater should buy this one. It’s also great for people who want to go for some long trips and camping trips because it comes with lots of storage space. So if you’re planning to go camping or traveling in your kayak, I would recommend Nigel Dennis Explorer.

Important Things to Look for When Buying a Kayak

When buying a kayak, you’ll want to look for certain features to help you get the most out of your new purchase.

For starters, look for a boat with a flat bottom and a narrow beam (the widest part of the boat). These features help keep you stable when fishing or paddling, which makes it easier to control your kayak and enjoy the ride.

Kayaks with pop-outs on the bow or stern are great because they allow you to stand up in them, making fishing easier and more comfortable. Kayaks that have stern-mounted fishing rod holders are even better!

Another important feature is a cockpit hatch so you can easily get into and out of your boat while wearing waders or other wet gear. A cockpit drain plug helps prevent water from leaking into your boat on the ground. It is especially useful if you’re using it as an emergency floatation device when stranded by flooding or capsizing your kayak in rough seas.

If possible, look for a kayak with fiberglass construction, so there isn’t any risk of damage from sharp edges like rocks or trees during transport or storage. The material also provides extra protection against rot, mold, and mildew. A high-quality kayak will also have a UV-resistant finish that helps prevent fading from exposure to the sun.

Final Thoughts about Nigel Dennis Explorer

So this was the most detailed review of Nigel Dennis Explorer and its features. I hope that you found it helpful and will be able to make an informed decision about whether this is the right kayak for you.

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