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How To Motorize a Kayak

Step By Step Guide

Published July 26, 2022

Kayaking is one of the most relaxing activities you can do on the water. But, it could be not so relaxing for some people because they have to work their muscles and paddle a kayak which can be frustrating. So, what you can do to prevent paddling while enjoying your day on the water in your kayak. Obviously, you will think about motorizing your kayak, but how to motorized a kayak?

You will have to install a trolling motor in your kayak in order to motorize it. A trolling motor with a powerful battery will power your kayak and take to anywhere on the water without using paddles or your efforts.

So, here is a step-by-step guide that will help you motorize your kayak with the help of trolling motor. This will be very helpful for people who don’t know how they can power their kayak to have a relaxing kayaking experience.

So, let’s begin the guide.

How To Motorized A Kayak? Step By Step Guide: Summary

How Do You Motorize a Kayak?

trolling motor on kayak

If you love spending time on the water but hate paddling, you might want to consider motorizing your kayak. It’s a simple way to make your life easier as you explore the lakes and rivers of your area.

You will have to install a trolling motor in your kayak in order to motorize it. A trolling motor with a powerful battery will power your kayak and lake to anywhere on the water without using paddles or your efforts. But, you can’t make all kayaks motorized because trolling motors can’t be installed on every kayak.

You can use an electric trolling motor for many different things: from fishing to recreational purposes on water. These motors are also great for off-shore fishing, where you may want to stay away from other boats so that you don’t get tangled up in their lines or hooks.

So, motorizing your kayak is great for exploring the water. Trolling motors are easy to use and fun to cruise around in, but you will need to properly install these motors in order to make your kayak motorized. The process of installing a motor in your kayak is simple, but it does require some extra work from you.

So, here is a step-by-step guide to help you motorize your kayak by installing a trolling motor.

How to Install a Trolling Motor on your Kayak?

Here are steps that can help you install a trolling motor on your kayak.

Step #1: Determine if your Kayak Support Trolling Motor

The first step to installing a trolling motor on your kayak is to determine whether your kayak support installing a trolling motor or not. If it doesn’t support installing a trolling motor, then there is no way to make it motorized.

But, if it supports installing a trolling motor, you will need to determine which type of trolling motor you need. There are two main types: a standard trolling motor and an in-line trolling motor.

A standard trolling motor is placed in the water between the kayak’s hull and the kayak’s skeg, while an in-line trolling motor sits directly on top of the skeg. The main difference between these two motors is their placement; a standard trolling motor is more accessible, while an in-line model may require more work to install and adjust.

Step #2: Search for a Suitable Trolling Motor

After determining the type of trolling motor for your kayak, you will have to find the right trolling motor for your kayak; you will need to do a little research. You can check out different sites and search by brand name or by model number.

The best way to find the right trolling motor is to check your kayak’s brand page and determine what type and size of trolling motor can be installed. So, ensure that the trolling motor you are considering has the right dimensions to fit it.

Many manufacturers have their own standards for what size motor they consider “standard” or “universal,” but there are also some that don’t. If you want to be in control of your boat when it comes to choosing its size, make sure that your motor is compatible with your kayak before buying one, you might need to buy a new one if it doesn’t fit.

So, choose the right trolling motor that fits your kayak.

Step #3: Collect Everything, including Trolling Motor, Battery, and Accessories

Now collect everything that you are gonna need in your kayak while installing the trolling motor. The important things usually include trolling motor, battery, screws, chains, etc.

Collecting everything before installation will make your installation experience smooth and easy because you will not have to waste your time finding the thing between the installation.

Step #4: Install Everything onto the Kayak

The next step is to assemble everything onto the kayak. You will need to secure the trolling motor by attaching the mounting brackets to the kayak frame.

You can use screws or bolts to attach these brackets to your kayak frame. Next, you will need to install your battery into one of these brackets you have just secured on your kayak frame.

Finally, you will need to secure your trolling motor with rope or chain so that it does not slide around while in use.

Step #5: You should get it installed by a professional if you don't know anything:

If you are going to install this yourself but don’t know anything about trolling motor or motorizing a kayak, we recommend that you get it done by a professional.

The best way to find a professional is through your local dealership or boat shop. Ask them for recommendations or just ask around; they usually know the best people for the job.

Installing trolling motor by yourself could be dangerous for you and your kayak if you are a beginner and don’t know anything about them.

Benefits of Motorizing a Kayak

Here are some benefits of motorizing a kayak.

You will be able to Travel Longer Distances:

If you are an avid fisherman or surfer, motorizing your kayak will allow you to travel long distances because you will not be using your own strength paddling the kayak. Instead, a motor would work to get you anywhere worldwide.

When you motorize a kayak, you can make it easier to get to places far away from the shore. This means you will have more time to explore the rivers and lakes in your area, giving you a better understanding of what makes them so special and worth exploring.

You may also be able to take advantage of these places by camping overnight or staying for longer periods of time.

You will remain stealthy while riding your kayak:

If you have ever paddled a kayak, you are probably familiar with the feeling of stealthy movement through the water. A motorized kayak, however, can make this feeling even more pronounced.

With a motorized kayak, you can move through water without making a sound, which means staying out of sight to avoid detection by fish.

This will be helpful for you to catch more fish in a short time period. This is one of the biggest benefits of motorizing a kayak that fishermen can enjoy regularly.

Motorizing a kayak will help you reach places that are difficult to paddle:

Motorizing a kayak will help you reach difficult places to paddle, like rough water or upstreams. But it can also help you enjoy your time in the water. When you motorize your kayak, you’ll be able to cover greater distances and more of the lake or ocean at once.

This means you can enjoy yourself more and less time getting tired or bored. Whether trying to get somewhere fast or just want to spend some time on the water and have fun, motorizing your kayak will help you do both.

It will enhance your Kayaking or Fishing experience:

Kayak motorizing is a great way to enhance your kayaking or fishing experience. You can make short trips, go on longer trips, and enjoy the adrenaline rush of being in control of your own motorized craft.

You may think that motorizing your kayak will take away from the fun of the water. But it’s not true, motorized kayaks are still lightweight and easy to carry, so you will have no trouble getting around once you have mastered the technique.

It’s also important to remember that motorized kayaks don’t require special equipment or skills; you can use them just like any other boat.


So, this is how to motorized a kayak using the trolling motor. The above steps are the quickest way to motorize your kayak without facing any problems. Besides, these steps are also the easiest method everyone can follow, from beginners to expert kayakers.

I have also discussed some benefits of motorizing your kayak in order to help you understand why you should install a trolling motor in your kayak. I hope this guide will be helpful for you to enhance your kayaking experience by motorizing your kayak. But remember, not every kayak can be motorized. So first, check whether your kayak is able to be motorized or not before following the steps.

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