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How Much Is Kayak Registration In Ohio?

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Published July 27, 2022

If you are from Ohio and want to own a kayak, it is important for you to know the kayak registration law and everything related before. Ohio has some seriously different kayakers laws, one of which is kayak registration. Most of the people are wondering how much is kayak registration in Ohio.

You will have to pay a total of $25 in kayak registration fee if you own a manual or hand-powered kayak or boat in the state of Ohio. This will grant you registration for up to 3 years, and after that, you will have to get a renewal.

So now you must be wondering what the procedure is to register your kayak in Ohio, what other kayak laws are, etc. Don worry; here is a complete guide on Ohio kayak laws that will help you register your kayak and enjoy kayaking anywhere in Ohio.

How Much Is Kayak Registration In Ohio? Summary

How Much Is Kayak Registration In Ohio?

If you are a resident of Ohio and planning on going kayaking or canoeing in Ohio, you are going to need to register your vessel with the state. This process is called Ohio Registration for Recreational Vehicles. It costs $25 for 3 years for each vehicle registered, no matter how many vehicles you own or how many people are traveling with you at any given time.

What are the Kayak Laws in the State of Ohio?

how much is kayak registration in Ohio

Kayaking in Ohio is a great way to spend time with your family and friends. There are lots of laws you must follow to do kayaking in Ohio. It is important to know these laws because they can help keep everyone safe while enjoying their time on the water.

Kayak Laws in Ohio are:

Kayak Registration Law: First of all, you will need to register your kayak in Ohio. Riding a kayak without registering it first to the government is illegal. For registration, you will have to pay a fee of nearly $25 and get registration for up to 3 years. After that, you can get a renewal.

But if you are a traveler and coming to Ohio State to enjoy some time on the water and bring your own kayak with you, then you are exempted from the registration process.

Ohio State will not ask you to register your kayak because you are here for a few days or weeks. So, all traveler kayakers are exempted from kayak registration only when they bring their kayak.

Kayaker’s License: After kayak registration, you will also need to have a license to operate vessels, kayaks, or boats on the water of Ohio. But, hand-powered kayakers are good news because they are exempted from this law.

The only motorized vessel, kayaks, or boat operators are required to get a license before they start riding their boat on the water of Ohio.

The process to get the license is very simple; you must join a NASBLA-approved class and get a license to operate motorized vessels.

Kayaking Operator’s Age: Anyone less than 12 years old can’t ride a kayak or vessel on the water of Ohio unless they are supervised by someone older than 18. This is the most interesting kayaking law as it is introduced for the safety of people.

This means that if you are older than 12, you can ride a kayak without the supervision of anyone. But, if you are under 12, you have to get someone on board who is older than 18.

Alcohol Consumption During Kayaking: You can’t ride a kayak or any type of vessel if your blood alcohol level is 0.08% or more. The Ohio management considers this a serious crime, and they can arrest you if you are found riding a kayak under the influence of alcohol.

This law is for everyone, whether they aren’t permanent state residents or not. So, don’t drink and drive any vessel in Ohio; it will cost you some days behind the bar.

Kayak Safety Laws: There are a few safety laws that you have to follow in order to kayak in Ohio. And these laws are for everyone, which means that no one is exempted from these safety laws.

The first is you will have to wear a life jacket while being on a boat, vessel, or kayak. You can only wear a life jacket which is approved by USCG.

The second is that your kayak should have some lights installed on it if you are riding it after sunset or before sunrise. This is necessary for you even if your kayak is anchored on the water or not moving at all.

How to Register a Kayak Or Small Boat In Ohio?

The registration process for your kayak or small boat is very simple. All you have to do is fill out the application form online or visit the vehicle registration department.

They will give you a form which you will have to fill with all the required information. After filling out the form, you will have to submit it to the department with the fee, and they will register your kayak immediately. 

Things you Need to Register Your Kayak

Following are some things that you will need in order to register your kayak in Ohio:

  1. Proof of Ownership of the boat, vessel, or kayak
  2. A safety certificate of the vehicle that generally comes with it when you buy a new kayak
  3. Owner’s ID card or driving license
  4. Insurance (optional)
  5. Registration fee
  6. Kayak License (if you are going to register a motorized kayak or vessel)

How Much is Kayak Registration in Ohio?

Kayak registration in Ohio is simple. You will need to pay a total of $25 in kayak registration fee if you own a manual or hand-powered kayak or boat. This will grant you registration for up to 3 years, and after that, you will have to get a renewal.

Do you Need a Title for a Small Boat or Kayak in Ohio?

If your boat or kayak is less than 14 feet in length and doesn’t have more than 10 HP of power, you are exempted from a title.

The Ohio Division of Watercraft will issue a new registration on a vessel under 14 feet in length that does not require a special title. If the vessel has more than 10 horsepower but is less than 14 feet, it can be registered without a title.

Where do you put the registration sticker on a kayak in Ohio?

When you register your kayak, you will get a kayak registration number or sticker that you have to stick on your kayak in order to know the authorities that you are driving a registered vessel.

For convenience, you can print or paint that registration number on the sides of the deck in order to help authorities see the number from miles away.


I hope you got the answer of how much kayak registration in Ohio and know how to register your kayak with the Ohio registration department. Everything about Ohio kayak laws is explained in the article. I hope this will be helpful for you to understand the situation before kayaking anywhere in Ohio.

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