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Published July 11, 2022

Kayaking is a growing trend in dog ownership. It’s an activity that can be performed in just about any water source, from lakes to rivers. It’s also very easy for both humans and dogs to enjoy. If you also want to go out on the water with your dog but don’t have the right kayak, don’t worry.

Here I’m going to recommend some best kayaks for dogs that you can consider buying right now. In the past few weeks, I have tested 10+ kayaks with my beloved dog and experienced good and bad things.

So based on my personal experiences, here are the top 5 recommendations of kayaks for dogs that will help you make a good buying decision.

I hope my recommendation will be beneficial for you to get the best kayak for your dog according to your needs and budget.

Best Kayaks for Dogs: Summary

Top 5 Safest and Best Kayaks for Dogs

Here are the top 5 safe and best dog kayaks that everyone can consider while buying this year.

1. BKC TK181 Tandem Sit On Top Kayak

90+ Reviews

The number 1 dog kayak on my list is BKC TK181 Tandem Sit On Top Kayak. It comes equipped with two soft padded seats that make long trips comfortable for those who may be new to kayaking and want something more comfortable than plastic seats. Besides that, it has a large cockpit area that allows you to get your dog on the board with the waters.


Size: 12.5′

Weight: 68 Pounds

Material: Polyethylene

Weight Capacity: 595 lbs

Detailed Review of this Kayak for You and Your Dog:

The BKC TK181 sit-on-top kayak is perfect for you to get out on the water with your dog. With two padded seats, two paddle holders, and several rod holders, this kayak is ready to go out on the water immediately. The sit-on-top design allows you to lean back and relax while you are paddling but also gives you the option of sitting up straight and using the included seat backrests or standing up in the boat with your feet on the pedals if you are feeling more adventurous.

This kayak comes equipped with a durable polyethylene hull that can handle rough conditions on lakes and rivers alike without fear of being damaged by rocks or other debris. It also has an adjustable footrest for maximum comfort when paddling or standing around at dockside watching birds fly overhead or sunsets from the high ground above water level.



  • Tandem sit on top kayak.
  • Multiple built-in storage compartments.
  • Easy to paddle, even for an inexperienced paddler.
  • Lightweight and easy to lift and move, it can be easily transported from one place to another.
  • It’s a big kayak that takes more space to store.
  • May need a larger vehicle or SUV to transport it.


This kayak is perfect for people who have big or bulky dogs because it can hold up to 595 lbs. But as per my experiences, you shouldn’t put more than 500lbs weight because the heavy weight may need more power to paddle through the water.

2. Driftsun Teton 120 Recreational Dog-Friendly Kayak

30+ Reviews

The second best kayak for dogs is Driftsun Teton 120 Recreational Kayak. Take a trip to the river with your dog in tow with Driftsun Teton 120 Recreational Kayak. This hard shell tandem kayak is designed for all-day paddling, whether you are fishing, camping, or just enjoying the water. The high-quality seat and backrest are adjustable to ensure that you have the perfect fit for your size and comfort level.


Size: 12′

Weight: 72 Pounds

Material: Polyethylene

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

Detailed Review of this Kayak for You and Your Dog:

The Driftsun Teton 120 Recreational Dog-Friendly Kayak is everything you need in a tandem kayak: it’s lightweight, durable, and comfortable enough for long trips on the water.

It has an extra-large cargo area that can take your gear wherever you go. In the newly added fishing rod holder mounts, you can store even more gear than before. The Driftsun Teton 120 also includes two padded seats and two aluminum paddles to help navigate through the water with ease.

Your dog-friendly kayak must have good stability to enjoy its time on the water without worrying about tipping over. With its high-quality construction and rugged design, this kayak is built to last through years of use.



  • Stable and easy to paddle, even for a large dog.
  • It can carry up to 500 lbs.
  • It is made with a durable polyethylene hull, making it strong enough to withstand any lake’s waves.
  • It’s also lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it too far or lifting it up onto the roof of your car.
  • The seat is a bit hard, but you can easily adjust it to make it more comfortable.
  • Does not have big storage under the seat.


If you are looking for the right kayak that can help you take your dog with you on water, then this is just for you. Its highly durable hull design makes it perfect for you to enjoy your day on lakes, rivers, or whitewater.

3. Perception Tribe Sit on Top Tandem Kayak for Dog

80+ Reviews

The Perception Tribe Sit on Top Kayak for Dogs is a great choice for your four-legged companion. It’s made of durable material and has plenty of storage space. It’s an ideal choice for someone looking for a tandem kayak with a spacious rear storage area or looking for something that can handle long days on the water.


Size: 12.5′

Weight: 79 Pounds

Material: Polyethylene

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

Detailed Review of this Kayak for You and Your Dog:

If you are looking for an all-around tandem kayak, the Perception Tribe Sit on Top Tandem Kayak would be a great choice. It is a great choice for families who want to get out on the water and have fun but don’t want to spend a fortune on their new toy.

With its large rear storage compartment, this kayak will keep your gear safe while you are on the water. And with its durable fiberglass construction and high-quality materials, it’s built to last through years of usage, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Besides that, it has plenty of cockpit space that will be perfect for your dog to enjoy the water while walking around.



  • Sits up higher to prevent your dog from getting wet.
  • Has a protected cockpit area for better comfort for your pet.
  • The seat is adjustable, so you can find the right fit for your dog.
  • The boat is lightweight, making it easy to carry around.
  • The boat can be difficult to paddle when loaded with maximum weight. So, you shouldn’t take too much gear with you.


It is an excellent kayak for small families who wants to take their dog with them to enjoy fishing or boating. This kayak has enough space and capacity to hold two people with their small dogs. So, it is worth considering when looking for a durable kayak.

4. BKC TK122U Sit On Top Fishing Kayak

90+ Reviews

BKC TK122U is one of the best kayaks for dogs that you can get in this year. You can use it on lakes, rivers, and even oceans. You can also use it to go fishing with your dog as it is very easy to handle. The dog will be very comfortable in this kayak as it has a padded seat and backrest, which makes it very comfortable for everyone.


Size: 12.6′

Weight: 74 Pounds

Material: Polyethylene and Hard Plastic

Weight Capacity: 770 lbs

Detailed Review of this Kayak for You and Your Dog:

The BKC TK122U Sit On Top Fishing Kayak is a great choice for those who want a kayak that can accommodate two people and a big dog. The seats are made of aluminum frames, so they will not break easily when your dog jumps on them while you paddle.

The boat is also very stable when you paddle through waves because it has a built-in footrest that keeps your feet from slipping off when you hit them against something hard such as rocks or logs that could damage your kayak if left unprotected.

It comes with a U-shaped hull design which makes it easier for you to turn around while trying to avoid obstacles such as rocks or logs that could damage your kayak if left unprotected by turning around quickly enough before hitting them with enough force.



  • This kayak is stable and easy to control, even in windy conditions.
  • It’s very lightweight and portable, so it’s easy to transport if you want to take it with you on a trip somewhere.
  • It has 2 big storage compartments for your fishing gear or other personal accessories.
  • The seat is comfortable and well-shaped, so you can sit in it for long periods without getting tired or sore.
  • It might be tough for a single person to handle that kayak, as it is big.


It is one of the best kayaks for dogs because it has a high-quality design and comes with everything you need to get out on the water. Besides, it can hold upto 770 lbs weight which is idle for two people to enjoy the water with their dog.

5. Ocean Malibu Tandem Sit-On-Top Dog-Friendly Kayak

70+ Reviews

Ocean Malibu Tandem Kayak is the last one on my list of best kayaks for dogs. It is a great choice for anyone who wants to take their dog with them on their next adventure. This tandem kayak is easy to maneuver, has plenty of room for two people and a small dog, and comes in a decent size.


Size: 12′

Weight: 57 Pounds

Material: Single Layer Polyethylene

Weight Capacity: 362 lbs

Detailed Review of this Kayak for You and Your Dog:

The Ocean Malibu Dog-Friendly Kayak is designed to give your dog a great place to sit and stand while you are out on the water.

It features a smooth, compact design perfect for two people and one pet. It’s also built with a durable construction, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking apart or becoming damaged in rough seas.

This kayak has two adjustable seats so that you can make sure that your dog has enough room. The seat is also padded and easy to adjust, so you will always be able to keep it looking great without having to worry about getting dirty from all the mud or sand.



  • This kayak is made of durable polyethylene, an environmentally friendly material that doesn’t absorb water.
  • It has a high backrest, which makes it more comfortable for dogs to ride in.
  • The boat is very stable, so your pet can sit or stand in it and feel safe.
  • It can be used as a fishing kayak or an all-around boat.
  • It can’t hold more than 320 lbs weight.


Being last on this list doesn’t mean this is not a good option. But, it is an excellent choice for people who don’t want to spend much money but still want a reliable kayak that can help them take out their small dog. This kayak can’t hold much weight, but it is good for people with smaller dogs or pets.

Kayaks for Dogs: FAQs

What kayak is best to use with a dog?

Two types of kayaks are mostly available in the market: Inflatable and Hard-Shell or Plastic Kayaks. Both are great in their own ways, but Hard-Shell Kayak works well when you need to take out your dog with you on the water.

Inflatable kayaks are lightweight and easy to carry, but they can get punctured easily with dog nails. That is why inflatable kayaks are not recommended to use with a dog.

So, hard-shell kayaks are the best option for dogs because they are made of highly durable hard materials that can’t get damaged with dog nails or anything else. Plus, they have a more stable design than inflatable ones, and they are puncture-proof, so there’s no danger of leaks if your dog decides to scratch the floor.

Can a dog go on a kayak?

Dogs are generally hesitant to be on the kayak for the first time. But, with short training and boosting your dog’s confidence, you can easily get them on the deck. After the first trip, their fear will be gone, and they will easily ride along with you on your next kayaking trip.

Where should a dog sit on a kayak?

The best place for your dog to sit is right next to you. In fact, it might be easier for you to paddle if your dog is sitting in the middle of the kayak. You will be able to steer and move with ease, and your dog will enjoy being able to keep up with you.

If you have a long paddle and need to pull your paddle back after each stroke, put your dog’s crate on top of the kayak so that he can’t jump out while you are paddling or pulling back on the rope.

Is a kayak or paddle board better for a dog?

Kayaks are great for dogs because they are lightweight and easy to transport and carry. If your dog is smaller, this might be the best option for them, as kayaks can easily be loaded with gear and other accessories. Kayaks also have an open-air design which allows for more room for your dog.

But if they are a larger breed, it might be best to use a paddle board instead of a kayak.

Are inflatable kayaks safe for dogs?

Inflatable kayaks aren’t considered safe for dogs because they are made of a fragile material that can easily get punctured with a dog’s sharp nails. The risk of puncture is particularly high when you take out a big dog with you, and he/she has sharp nails, which can happen if you have a bulky dog or if your dog loves to play fetch.

These risks don’t mean you can’t take your pup out in an inflatable kayak, but they do mean that you should be extra careful when using them. If your dog has a history of puncturing items while playing with his toys or getting into mischief on walks, you may want to reconsider using a hard-shell kayak as a play area until he’s older and more respectful of his surroundings.

Sit-in Kayaks VS Sit-on-Top Kayaks: Which is Better for Dog?

Sit-in kayaks and sit-on-top kayaks are both great options for dog owners. They’re both easy to get in and out of, they can hold your dog as well as fit them, and they have some differences in how they are designed.

Let’s look at what makes each type of kayak better for dogs.

Sit-on-top kayaks allow you to keep an eye on your dog from above, which makes them ideal for keeping watch over your pet as it swims or plays on the edge of the water. Sit-in kayaks don’t offer this feature, so sit-on-top kayaks are better. So, a sit-on-top would be best suited if you are looking for a kayak that lets you keep an eye on your pup without bothering them.

Sit-in kayaks also have lots of advantages. They are easy to get into, even if your dog is not too excited about getting in or out of the water. They also hold your dog in place so that he doesn’t fall over when he hits the water. It also means that you don’t have to worry about him getting tangled up with other things like ropes or hooks that might be attached to his collar while you paddle around in the lake or river.

But, sit-in kayaks are not ideal for dogs as your dog may not feel comfortable due to the enclosed cockpit, and there will be little room for him/her to move around.

Tips to Train your Dog to be on Kayak

Here are some useful tips for training your dog to be on a kayak.

Set up your Kayak in a Dry Place and Train your Dog to Get in and Out: First, take the kayak out of the water and place it on dry land. Have your dog sit down and stay.

After that, teach your dog to get into the kayak. Have them sit in the kayak, then take them by their collar or leash and put them inside the kayak. Make sure they can move freely, but don’t let them go too far from you.

Once they are comfortable with getting into the kayak, remove their leash and let them leave the kayak independently.

After that, try taking them out on a short trip when you think your dog can handle it. If you want to be safe, try putting a life jacket on them before leaving them alone in the water.

Let Them Swim; this will Reduce their Fear of Water: If you want your dog to be comfortable on a kayak, it’s important to start by letting them swim. This will reduce their fear of water and make them more comfortable getting in a boat. You can also try taking your dog for walks or rides in the water, which will help them get used to being near water.

Give High Value Treats to Get In and Out of the Kayak: You can train your dog to be on a kayak by giving high-value treats to get in and out of the kayak. This is important for two reasons:

First, it will help your dog associate being on a boat with something he enjoys. You can use treats like peanut butter or canned food to get him excited about going on the boat.

Second, if you have a small dog that tends to get scared easily or a nervous dog that can’t handle being on the water, this will help him overcome his fears and make it easier for him to ride in the boat.

Boost Your Dog’s Confidence while Getting In and Out of Kayak: If your dog is afraid of water or gets cold easily, bring them along on their leash so they can be close to you at all times. If they are scared of water, carry them in a bag or box so they don’t feel threatened.

Besides, take your dog for a walk before you go kayaking. This will help them get used to the water and gives you a chance to bond with your pup. It also helps them get used to the environment.

Teach Your Dog to Stay Calm in Kayak While Being on Water: It’s important to teach your dog that kayaking is fun and safe. First, the water is a great place to help your dog learn not to panic. The water will help him/her stay calm while they get used to being around it, so you can work on teaching them how to relax in the water.

You can do this by putting your dog on a leash or letting them swim around. While they are swimming, talk to them calmly and gently, they will probably enjoy the sound of your voice.

Things to Consider When Buying the Right Kayaks for Dogs

Now, you must be wondering what things you should consider when buying the right kayak for your dog. So, here are some important things that can help you choose the best kayaks for your dogs.

Look for Dog-Friendly Material:

Kayaks are not only a fun activity for you and your dog, but they can also be life-saving. Many dogs are prone to getting scratch the floor under them, and kayaking with them can be dangerous with an inappropriate kayak.

Kayaks made from hard plastic materials that are puncture-free or hard-shell kayaks are ideal because they will be safe from your dog’s sharp nails. The best material will also be soft enough to cushion your dog’s paws when it steps on rocks or sticks out of the water.

So, choose the kayak that is made of dog-friendly or hard-shell material.

Go for Sit-on-Top Kayaks:

The sit-on-top kayak is the best option for dogs and their owners because it’s easy to get in and out of and allows your dog to look around. This means you won’t have to worry about them getting stuck in the water or being scared by all the fish.

So, go for sit-on-top kayaks because they are suitable for all types of dogs and pets.

Choose the One with Better Weight Capacity:

Another most important thing that you should consider while buying a kayak is its weight capacity. You should always choose the one with a better weighing capacity to make your paddling experience smooth and easier.

The weight capacity of the kayak also varies among different brands and models. So, it is very important to know about the maximum weight of your dog and yourself before you make any purchase and choose the kayak accordingly.

Kayak Should be Wide enough to Provide Stable Kayaking Experience:

The kayak should be wide enough to provide a stable kayaking experience. If the kayak is too narrow, it will be harder for you to paddle, and the paddling experience can be a little less enjoyable for the dog.

This is because wider kayaks have more space for your dog to move around. As long as there is enough room for your dog to move around in their kayak comfortably and safely, your dog will enjoy their time on the water.

Best Kayaks for Riding with Your Dog: Final Words

So, these are some best kayaks for dogs that you can consider buying right now. These all provide an excellent riding experience, especially with the dog, and they are safe from all aspects. I hope my recommendation will be helpful for you in making a valuable purchasing decision.

If you are confused or have any questions in mind, you can ask me by writing in the comment section below. I will reply to you within a few hours.

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