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Looking Forward To Your Biggest Catch? You Should Have The Best Kayak For Fishing!

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Published November 12, 2021 | Updated April 15, 2022

Of all the activities you can do on a kayak, fishing is one of the most exciting and probably the most competitive too. There’s nothing more satisfying than having the day’s catch that you can brag to your buddies over barbecues and beer. It’s also an enjoyable way to spend time with the family, especially with kids who’ll love to come along. But as much as the rods and baits bring joy, the best kayak for fishing plays a big factor.

Unlike the usual kayaks, those made for fishing have multiple rod holders and specialized compartments to store the catch and the gears. The size of the cockpit is also an important aspect so the kayaker/fisherman can throw his bait right on.

Looking Forward To Your Biggest Catch? You Should Have The Best Kayak For Fishing!


The hustler fisherman only deserves an equally angsty kayak. The Vibe Kayak Ghost 130 Sit on Top Fishing Angle Kayak is probably one of the eye-catchers in the industry with its fusion of colors. When it comes to the design, it will not fail in giving you a good catch as it can hold up to two rods and it has a fish finder transducer.

Aside from the fishing comfort, you can secure your catch in any of its many compartments. You can maximize the rear and front or the oval hatch. And to ensure that you won’t tire easily while waiting for a fish to bite the bait, the dual position hero seat will be the perfect cushion.

In case you got the biggest catch of your life, the cord rigging on the front and rear will be handy to stabilize your standing. This Vibe Kayak is unmatched in stability and it’s far from tipping during a battle with a giant red drum. And during offseason, you can use this as a recreational kayak for snorkeling. There’s definitely no need to stuck best kayak for fishing in your basement!

The most wonderful thing about the Vibe Kayak is it has a limited lifetime warranty that covers a variety of defects. This says much about the quality of the material used on this one. It can do well in calm waters but it can also withstand the surfing waves. The long paddle is an energy saver so you no longer have to exert extra effort when gaining manual speed.


-The compartments and rigging are what every fishing kayaker would look for their kayak. It’s simple yet reliable when in use.

-The look is exceptional and unmatched. There’s even a cup holder on the console so you can sip your drink while you wait for the catch.

-There’s a built-in rudder so you won’t tire your arm during long hours of kayaking.

-The seat can be adjusted in two different positions that mean less strain and more freedom to move with your fishing rods.

-It’s lightweight at 74 pounds. You can easily transport this in and out of the water.


-The only downside to this kayak is its expensive price tag. Aside from that, there’s nothing else to complain about this sensational boat for fishing.


If you want a longer baby to launch for your fishing trip, the Ocean Kayak Sit On Top Trident 13 would be the boat of your dreams. It’s 13.5 feet long with a width allowance of 29 inches. This best kayak for fishing is longer than the Vibe Kayak but it means bigger space to move and more storage for your fishing gears.  The kayak has a polyethylene hull that can withstand decades of scraping from rocks and other elements.

This has a comfy seat but I think the one in the Vine kayak is bigger and more adjustable. Nevertheless, it’s just a small thing to cringe at on this boat. There are foot and thigh braces that come with the kayak so you’re assured of comfort even during long hours of fishing by the lake or river.

When it comes to the fishing aspect, there are dual rod holders that you can exploit until you’re satisfied with your catch. There are also paddle keepers so you won’t lose any oar if ever you get over-excited in securing your first catch.

The kayak has a fish finder transducer and the scupper holes are compatible with it to avoid reducing the performance of the device. There’s a boat sonar pre-installed on the kayak to protect the transducer when it’s not in use. The sonar is easy to read due to reduced glare on the screen. So, are you feeling the aura of a real fisherman now?


-The gadgets on the kayak are what some anglers would die for. It’s a good start for those kayakers who are bent into fishing.

-The bow hatch on this best kayak for fishing allows dry and steady storage of food or drinks prone to spilling. If you’re into staying on the water all day long, this Ocean Kayak is a good choice.

-The paddle keepers are simple but important features to avoid one of the pet peeves of a kayaker. Losing a paddle on the water!

-The console is splash-resistant, non-sliding, and it even has magnets to secure your metal blings.


-It’s much more expensive than the Vine Kayak. This is more than a thousand bucks but definitely for the money if you’re looking for something tailored for real fishermen.

-You have to buy the scupper plugs separately.

-It’s not as visually appealing as the Vibe Kayak (which isn’t really a big deal for some kayakers)


The best kayak for fishing is one that’s packed with features that will secure a good catch. From what it sounds like, I can say that the Ocean Kayak is the best among the two. But if you don’t have much to shell out, you can have an equally good start with the Vibe Kayak. What do you think about these two? Ping me below in the comment section!

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